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Losing keys or the lock that doesn’t work properly can be very frustrating. This can waste time and money to hire a professional locksmith. However, you can avoid these costs by learning a few simple techniques to unlock your door. In this article, we will give you practical tips and tricks to help you open your blocked door.

Tips for unlocking your door

Here are some tips to help you unlock your door easily and quickly:

Use a plastic card

If you locked your door and left the keys inside, you can use a plastic card to open the door. Simply insert the card between the door and the door frame, near the lock. Then, press the door handle while pressing the card to make the lock yield.

Use a wire trombone or hanger

You can also use a paper clip or wire hanger to open the lock. First, unfold the paper clip or hanger and fold it into an L-shape. Then insert the folded part into the lock and try to move it until the lock opens.

Use lubricant

If the lock is not working properly, it may be blocked due to dirt or rust. You can try using lubricant to unlock the lock. Simply spray a little lubricant on the lock and try to open it using your key.

Use a hammer

If the lock is blocked and you can’t open it with a key, you can try using a hammer. First, take a screwdriver and place it in the lock. Then use the hammer to hit the screwdriver until the lock unlocks.



Q: Is it possible to open a locked door without a key? A: Yes, you can use

a plastic card, paper clip or wire hanger to open a locked door without a key. You can also use lubricant to unlock the lock or a hammer to force the lock.

Q: Is it possible to unlock a door with a broken key inside the lock? A: If you have a broken key inside the lock, you can try removing it using tweezers or key extractor. If that doesn’t work, you can hire a professional locksmith to help you remove the broken key and unlock the door.

Q: What if my lock is damaged? A: If your lock is damaged, you should contact a professional locksmith to repair or replace it. Try to avoid forcing the lock or trying to unlock it yourself, as this could cause more damage and make repair more expensive.

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